Deploying people according to their abilities

Redur’s exemplary initiative to include people with disabilities shows how successful workplace integration can be.

For several years, Redur has employed three staff from Rurtal­werk­stätten Niederzier, an organisation that helps people with disabilities to integrate into working life. The workshops offer people with mental or psychological disabilities the opportunity to undertake appropriate vocational training and employment, if they are unable to work on the regular labour market.

Redur works closely with the workshops, offering a programme called “Company-integrated workplaces”. The employees concerned take on simple tasks and are fully integrated into the daily life of the company.

One former employee from the workshops was even offered a permanent position at Redur. Another, who for health reasons was no longer able to work in the occupation for which he had trained, is now permanently employed at Redur and is very happy there.

Redur also calls on the workshops to help with packing accessories and other simple tasks.

By collaborating with the organisation, Redur is able to integrate people into the work process in a way that is tailored to their own individual needs.