Promoting internal talent

2023 saw the launch of the Phoenix Mecano Group Awards to celebrate young talent.

Over 30 colleagues from across the Group came together in Oberursel near Frankfurt in late August 2023 to present their most exciting projects. The topics ranged from marketing and digital transformation to the optimisation of operational processes and sustainability. The awards are intended to recognise innovative projects in areas of strategic importance to the Group and to foster the exchange of ideas and networking among talented young employees.

After 24 intensive presentations, the participants took part in some exciting team-building activities and then chose the winners themselves. The winners were later invited to a meeting of all Phoenix Mecano Group managing directors, where they were given the opportunity to present their projects.

Showcased by young people from Spain, Romania, Germany, India, China, North America, France, Sweden and Switzerland, the projects also inspired the managing directors and showed how great the creative and innovative potential is within the Phoenix Mecano Group.