Keeping clean water clean

At Phoenix Mecano’s plant in Kecskemét, Hungary, a large treatment system ensures clean wastewater.

The Kecskemét facilities are used for etching, solvent washing and silver plating. These processes generate rinse water, which must be disposed of properly. For environmental reasons, therefore, Phoenix Mecano installed and commissioned a large wastewater treatment system in 2023. This means that the rinse water no longer has to be disposed of at great expense. After passing through the system, it is so clean that it can be discharged into the public sewage system.

The cleaning process is managed and monitored by trained chemists.

The system separates alkaline, solvent-containing and acidic wash water in stages. The metal content is collected in the reactor then pressed out, and the purified water is discharged into the sewage system. Only the sludge from the pressing process is disposed of as hazardous waste.

Used etchant is collected on site and returned to the chemical distributor once a year for recycling/disposal.

When operational, the system can collect 18 000 litres of wastewater at a time and treat it in stages. Since entering operation in March 2023, the treatment system has purified 474 000 litres of wastewater.

This measure has a positive impact on the environment and saves the company money. Installing the system has led to a significant reduction in hazardous waste, which also helps the company to become more environmentally friendly.