Global production network offers competitive advantage

The Enclosure Systems division pursues a global production strategy with clearly defined competence centres in which valuable know-how is built up locally.

For customers in the Enclosure Systems division, the adaptation of standard enclosures to their specific needs is a crucial advantage. New developments, tailored solutions and custom adaptations are developed, planned and manufactured close to the customer.

For larger series, on the other hand, Phoenix Mecano has established competence centres at various locations around the globe. For example, the plant in India specialises in the production of aluminium enclosures, the Romanian plant in the manufacture of plastic enclosures, and another in Hungary in membrane keypads and small series. The staff here have proven skills, broad knowledge and a wealth of experience in their respective fields of expertise. These competence centres offer many advantages in terms of cost, flexibility and speed of delivery.

The Group will continue to consistently pursue this global production strategy in the years ahead.  Germany will remain the workshop for development, with Hungary an all-rounder and the plants in Romania and India specialising in the production of large series. Phoenix Mecano India is already capable of manufacturing large products at the highest levels of complexity and quality.