Simple measures, big savings

Optimisation measures enabled the production site in Hungary to cut gas consumption by almost 40%.

Phoenix Mecano's Hungarian production site in Kecskemét is home to a large powder coating facility with associated drying oven. Coating and drying are energy-intensive processes, with the required energy coming primarily from natural gas.

In the search for ways to reduce energy consumption, the plant's employees came up with valuable suggestions and ideas. The focus was on simple solutions that could be implemented quickly, such as lowering the temperature in offices and factory spaces and optimising production methods.

New working models were introduced for powder coating and drying. This meant big changes for the employees, but these were supported at all levels. The new working time models enabled oven operating times to be optimised or significantly reduced, with a corresponding improvement in the energy balance.

Together, all the measures led to a 38% reduction in gas consumption within the first two months after implementation!

The energy balance of the Kecskemét plant is set to improve further thanks to a solar energy system currently under construction. With an annual output of 1 600 MWh, this will supply around 20% of the site's total electricity needs from the second quarter of 2023.