Healthy employees in a healthy company

Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG introduced a workplace health management system and has been certified as a ‘Friendly Work Space’.

The pandemic has once again highlighted the importance of health. Good employee health is also a key factor for companies. After all, good working conditions and quality of life in the workplace foster long-term employee motivation and increase productivity, product and service quality, and the company's ability to innovate. This benefits employers and employees in equal measure.

At Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG, factors affecting employee health have been identified, and structures and processes adapted. A health team made up of members of various departments meets once a month and develops measures to promote the health of employees on an ongoing basis.

Its certification as a ‘Friendly Work Space’ in 2022 shows that Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG is on the right track with these measures. The certificate is issued by Health Promotion Switzerland. The foundation's experience shows that companies with the certificate have 25% fewer stressed employees, with 2.6 fewer days of absence per person per year.