A glimpse into working life for tomorrow’s managers

Phoenix Mecano Inc. USA supports young people through internships and was named 2022 Champion of Maryland Manufacturing in the Diversity & Inclusion category.

Phoenix Mecano Inc. USA recruits team members with different ages, backgrounds, skills and qualifications. The company supports potential and current employees with everything from job interviews to on-the-job and continuing training. It is also committed to helping students by providing internships, for which it works closely with organisations such as INROADS. In recognition of this commitment, Phoenix Mecano Inc. USA was named Champion of Maryland Manufacturing in the Diversity & Inclusion category in 2022.

Diversity in business is important. It brings more learning opportunities and perspectives and helps create a better community and sense of belonging for all, both personally and professionally.

For Phoenix Mecano Inc. USA, nurturing tomorrow’s leaders starts with giving today's students a glimpse into working life. INROADS offers talented, underrepresented youth a pathway from high school to college. The programme’s career development pathway extends a support system that can last a lifetime. Phoenix Mecano makes an important contribution to this by offering education-oriented internships and community partnerships. This ensures that diversity extends beyond the company premises.