Smart control and fully networked production

The DewertOkin Technology Group's new industrial park in Jiaxing sets new standards in intelligent and networked industrial manufacturing.

Covering a total surface area of 120 000 m2, it includes the core production areas of precision injection moulding, aluminium processing, spraying, welding, surface mounting, DC motor production and final assembly.

Smart control systems are the key to production efficiency. For example, all the injection moulding machines are networked with each other. A system monitors all steps of production and assigns the orders to individual machines according to capacity utilisation. In drive assembly too, the orders are distributed to different production lines depending on the type of product and the size of the order. These include a production line based on lean management principles, allowing rapid switching between small orders, as well as a semi-automated production line and another specialising in medical applications. 

The use of state-of-the-art manu­facturing technologies in the production facilities enables efficient control from order receipt through to delivery. This smart factory is therefore able to manage all factory processes in real time via the digital cockpit. The result is sustainable operational efficiency, cost optimisation, and high and agile manu­facturing capacity.