Wowing customers while saving on packaging

Phoenix Mecano Spain has developed an electrically powered repair stand for e-bikes. The packaging used for delivery saves on material and is recyclable.

The advent of electric bikes poses a new challenge for workshops. E-bikes are significantly heavier than conventional bicycles and not as easy to lift onto the repair stands used in workshops.

Repairing and maintaining e-bikes requires a stable work stand that can be adjusted in height, ideally with an electric drive. Phoenix Mecano Spain has developed a bike lift with an electric lifting column, which it sells under the name Ezoord.

One question that arose during development was what packaging should be used to deliver the lift – which can weigh up to 50 kg – to customers. The solution, which minimises packaging material while maximising customer benefit, is a specially designed pallet with a cardboard box on top.

The outer box and pallet are made from recycled material, both manufactured locally in Zaragoza and both 100% recyclable. This may mean shipping is a little more expensive, but it uses far less packaging and makes handling in the factory and at the customer's address much easier and faster.